Where is the steady ground?

This is one of the questions that I've been working on throughout my adult life. It’s why I do the work that I do and it’s what brings people to work with me.

I find my answers partly through writing and thinking out loud - this publication is a place for me to do that.

My inquiry is partly about my relationship to self and to others, triggered by all the dysfunction I’ve experienced or observed since I was young, which I consciously dedicated myself to figuring out.

The more I understood about our ‘inner crises’, the more I began to understand why humanity seems to be facing multiple, exponentially developing, existential threats.

I spent 20 years working at the sharp end of capitalism, consulting with some of the world’s largest organisations and advising Government departments.

I ran a democratic company, experimenting with radical ways of working and I’ve taught leadership and communication skills all over Europe and Scandinavia.

In recent years I consciously turned my back on the world of consulting, moving to a remote area of Southwest England where I have trained as a Forest School practitioner, blacksmith and knife maker, teaching Daoist martial arts.

There is a thread that runs through all of this, and it may become apparent over the course of what is published, here.

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Finding steady ground in unsteady places.


Ex-MD, founder of the Wild Things alternative business school and How to Fight Well. Teaching conflict skills, blacksmithing and Daoist martial arts in remote Southwest England.